Please note that all the information on this site is available on a CD ROM so that you can have a permanent, high-resolution copy of the full catalogue. To obtain this valuable record of our artistic heritage, go to the Ordering section.

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Biography Click this button for a brief biography of Nathaniel Sparks and the provenance of the collection.
Catalogue     All of the prints in this collection are part of the artist’s own limited editions and most of them are available for sale. Click the Catalogue button to find a tabulated list of all known prints.
Galleries Click on this button for a carefully scanned collection of the prints.
Ordering     Prices of these prints depend on several factors but are all signed by the artist or his executrix. Click the Ordering button for more information.
Book Celia Barclay's definitive biography of Nathaniel Sparks and his relationship to the Hardy family.
Links Acknowledgements and links to related sites.

If you wish to discuss, view or purchase any of these rare and beautiful original prints, please contact Toby Barclay by telephone on  +44 (0)1440 707731 or e-mail.