How to use the Gallery

Please note that this gallery is available on a CD-ROM giving you a permanent, high resolution record of the collection.

Small versions of the prints (thumbnails) are displayed in groups of three, on cream mounts, with title and catalogue number. Clicking on a thumbnail will open an enlarged version of the image. In addition to a high resolution image, any historical information that we have will be displayed beneath the picture. Clicking the large image will return it (you) to the gallery. Use the More Pictures and Previous Images buttons to move through the gallery.

Click here to enter Gallery.

Click here to enter the Gallery.

Since the works are grouped (more or less) by subject matter, you can jump to a particular location  in the gallery by clicking on a link below.

Cathedrals & Monuments
Edinburgh & Glasgow
Stratford on Avon

Please note that the information in this catalogue is collated from a variety of sources and, while we have tried to ensure its accuracy, we can accept no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. Image sizes are approximate.