Links and Acknowledgements

I would like to thank the following individuals, companies and organisations for their invaluable help and support in the design and production of the Web Site and CD-ROM.


Web site & CD-ROM creation Mark Graham Graphics
Technical Services Gary Metcalfe, Scantlings for the use of his scanning and graphics hardware, not to mention innumerable cups of tea.
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee Elizabeth is a very well-respected dealer in fine prints and has contributed greatly to the recognition of Nat's work.

Michael Wheeler


Paper conservator with one of the most respected London Museums, Mike has kindly provided me with much valuable information on protecting the collection.


Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery:


This establishment holds in safe keeping many of Nat's prints


Guildhall Library, London


John Fisher is charged with the care of many thousands of prints from many sources, including Nat Sparks. The collection can be viewed on A large public exhibition was staged at the Guildhall Print Room, Aldermanbury, EC2P 2EJ during October, November and December, 2000. This included examples of Nat Sparks’ work, his tools, plates and sketches.